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Surface decoration and 2D designers work in a diverse landscape. So, whether you are an inhouse designer or work from your own studio as a self-employed designer, the designs you create are all underpinned by intellectual property which needs to be protected. Surface designers innovate and provide the next zeitgeist in a continually moving and demanding marketplace. This requires skill, talent, and an ability for many to transform an idea into market viability. It is a fast-moving market of new ideas and new approaches. Inspiring those who want to buy a product because it is visually enhanced through surface decoration is big businesses and it is also competitive. Being nimble in this market is critical – creating a new design, a different, quirky idea is pushed forward by those with imagination, skill, technique, and boldness. The intellectual property created has a real value.

British 2D designer makers are some of the best in the world but unfortunately, there are those that want to take the fast track to market by free riding on your ideas and creativity to copy or “adapt” them. Some retailers will see the next big idea on the back of those who innovate, change it a little, send it out to China and hey presto “a new design is born!” Prevention against copying is critical and should be part of an IP strategy.

Anti Copying in Design Webinar 10th November 2020 11-11.45AM

Sharing insights on IP and design protection to achieve growth

What is intellectual property? Why is it important?

How can I protect my designs?

Online theft, what can I do?

What are the myths surrounding IP?

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On 10th November ACID’s co-founder and CEO Dids Macdonald, OBE., will share some of her practical insights into building a pro-active intellectual property strategy to enhance growth and protect designs. Dids, whose designs were copied shamelessly by some major high street retailers, believes that taking a few steps to better understand the laws that protect designers can make all the difference.

With Dids Macdonald will be Niall Head Rapson, Director of McDaniel & Co, ACID IP Legal Affiliate and specialist in intellectual property, who will be there to answer all your IP questions and dispel some of the myths about IP. Submit your questions during the webinar for a live Q & A session at the end or send your query to

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