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Giftware Association membership is uniquely designed to help you prosper, whilst saving you time and money. Whether it's discounts, legal protection, crucial networking or just everyday advice The GA is here to help.

How much
does it all cost?

Supplier membership starts from as little as £400 +VAT and membership is based on turnover, see below for the bandings and sign up.

The GA is a world-class team that offers the best industry knowledge and contacts, they have enormous value!  It’s great to know we have Sarah and her team championing our interests every step of the way, they’ve always been able to find exactly what we’re looking for.

Baylee Magee, Willsow

Joining the Giftware Association is one of the best things we have done at Treasure Map Trails. In the few months becoming members, we have already earned back the cost of membership tenfold by tapping into their legal advice and getting expert advice from Sarah and Victoria.

Daniel Johnson, founder, Treasure Map Trails

I had the most AMAZING call with Penny Tunnel today and am all fired up to work with her on an ongoing business planning and coaching program, so you have done us both a favour there, I wish I had found you (The GA) years ago, you have been so beyond helpful.

Who is The Giftware Association?
What business support does The GA offer?

The GA provides comprehensive support across all facets of business, combining direct assistance with access to a network of industry-specific experts and service providers. Our members benefit from exclusive educational resources tailored to the unique needs of the home and gift industry, suitable for businesses at every scale.

How does The GA support retail opportunities?

The GA leverages its extensive network, including the prestigious Gift of the Year awards, to connect members with key retail opportunities. We provide strategic retail advice and can facilitate valuable introductions, helping members expand their market presence effectively.

Is there a mentoring scheme available through The GA?

Our expert network offers mentoring in diverse areas such as retail expansion, international sales, import/export, legal issues, HR, and marketing. This access is designed to equip our members with the knowledge and strategies needed for substantial growth and development.

How is The Giftware Association connected to the Gift of the Year?

The GA hosts the Gift of the Year awards, the industry's most recognized accolade, offering participants exposure to a wide audience of buyers, press, and industry specialists. This event provides a significant platform for brands to highlight their innovations and capture market attention.

Can I receive a rebate on exhibition space at major fairs?

Members of The GA benefit from our longstanding partnership with Hyve, receiving up to 5% back on the cost of exhibition space at major events like the Spring and Autumn Fair. Terms and conditions apply, and we encourage members to contact our team for more details.

Are there additional financial benefits for GA members?

Membership in The GA unlocks a variety of cost-saving opportunities. Enjoy discounts on hotel bookings, reduced entry fees for the Gift of the Year awards, savings on selected trade shows, and complimentary initial consultations with a range of professionals including legal advisors and marketing experts.

What events and networking opportunities does The GA provide?

The GA hosts a range of events, from 'Sharing Lunches' where members can connect with industry peers, to webinars and podcasts. These gatherings are key opportunities for members to engage with industry experts and translate these connections into business growth.

Is there marketing support for GA members?

Upon joining, members are featured in our 'Member Spotlight' which introduces them to our extensive network of buyers, press, and industry influencers. Members also receive a personalized profile on our website and can access bespoke marketing services tailored to their specific needs.

How can I influence industry changes as a GA member?

Our CEO, Sarah Ward, represents the association in influential forums, including parliamentary meetings, advocating for changes that benefit our sector. As a member, your voice contributes to these discussions, shaping policy and practice in the industry.

What other benefits does The GA offer?

The GA provides a bespoke service tailored to the specific needs of each member. To discover the full range of how we can support your business, please reach out to us at or call 0121 237 1105.