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This year's Gift of the Year competition had brought with it a range of newness from its new website, the exciting public people’s choice award and our brand new categories


TECH AND GADGETS - This category will be focussed on the more technical gifts and all the wonderful gadgets out there that have never found a home in any of our other categories.

WHITE LABEL - For the companies that make products for supermarkets, department stores, and anything that's for another business under their name. This is your chance to shine amongst your peers.

INTERNATIONAL For companies and products that have performed well internationally, it doesn't have to be a best-seller, but more a product or company that has entered an overseas market successfully.

MY GIFT OF ALL TIME - This is for your halo gifts, your godlike achievements, your gifts, and ranges that have always performed well, it can even be a previous Gift of the Year winner from years gone by, if you are still selling it, then enter it here. 


You can view all our previous year categories HERE and see which ones we have combined to make the competition more streamlined, as well as previous year’s winners.

To find out more about the awards check out the Gift of the Year website and blog or look out for announcements.

There is still time to enter your products or add an extra entry, or If you have any outstanding credits you now have until 11th December to enter this year’s Gift of the Year. Enter Now to shine a spotlight on our creative industry.


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