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Please see today’s and yesterday evening’s updates relevant to the home and Giftware supply chains.


Webinars and videos for organisations that trade with the EU: Webpage updated to link to ‘Video explainers on 18 topics including importing and exporting, trade, data, and audit and accounting (BEIS)’.

Goods Vehicle Movement

Register for the Goods Vehicle Movement Service: Information about who should register for Goods Vehicle Movement Service has been updated.

Check if a goods movement reference is valid: Information about hauliers moving goods from the EU to Great Britain has been updated.

Get a goods movement reference: Information about what you’ll need to get a goods movement reference has been updated

Moving goods through the Port of Holyhead: The Port of Holyhead address has been added and sections ‘ATA Carnet’, ‘Transit’ and ‘Get more information about ATA Carnet’ have been removed.

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