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Meet our New Service Provider - Blink

We are pleased to announce our latest partnership with Blink; they are experts in the world of payments.


Blink are committed to continually ‘explore the possible’. By constantly challenging convention, innovating, and utilising the latest technology they want to make keeping track of payments and getting paid, as easy as possible for clients. 

Can you tell us a bit more about Blink

Our widely acclaimed online portal and UK-based team of over 70 financial services experts are the power behind the payment platform revolution. But what’s our backstory?

Starting out as Fidelity Payment in 2014. At that time, Blink mainly provided card payment solutions. Then, sensing a seismic shift in both technology and the payments market, we expanded our offering by creating our own, highly innovative, payment platform and rebranded as Blink in July 2021.

We sit at the forefront of the developing payments industry. Providing businesses with a complete and tailored payment set-up to address the pressing needs of established and growing businesses.

Blink is designed to be the central hub that enables businesses to accept payments, offering multiple rails including card payments, direct debits, and open banking, through a variety of different options including over the phone, in person, and online.

Who is your audience?
We have services for any business that requires the ability to accept payment from a customer. Each business is unique, and therefore we create a tailored plan to best serve our clients.

What three words best describe your business and its products? 
Business – Innovative, Caring and Proactive.
Product - Quick, Easy and Secure.

Where does Blink find their inspiration?
As the pandemic developed in the spring of 2020 the marketplace leaps ahead into the digital world, we took our analogue team and transitioned to Blink; We took everything we did right from Fidelity Payment and brought it into the digital world.

Blink was built with our clients in mind, we wanted to help them get paid. Continuing to grow on the back of the relationships with our clients and the essential feedback they provide.

We asked Blink how they felt the economic climate is improving or is it getting tougher to trade

Their attention is always on our client’s ability to do business and accept payments no matter the climate. Covid had an enormous impact on retail merchants therefore, we want to ensure businesses within the retail sector have access to a range of future-proof facilities to enable versatility and adaptability.
What news do you have to share with us so we can celebrate your achievements in 2022, and what are you looking to achieve?

Last year we launched a new and improved version of our Blink platform, providing a whole range of new features, user interface and user experience updates; overall enhancing the platform for our clients.
Blink is here to shake things up.

Blink helps businesses get paid.
Each business is unique; Blink can help your business regardless of how big or small; they create tailored packages depending on the business needs.

Reach out to a payment expert at Blink to discuss your current infrastructure.

Explore the possible with Blink.

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