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The Giftware Association bringing people together

The Giftware Association specialises in connecting our members with the relevant assistance they need, the next story demonstrates that sometimes help arrives from our network.

You may remember the plight of Dodo Pad, who following the crash of the pound after the referendum found it difficult to maintain their printing costs. Dodo Pad is an international business that supplies various retailers with diaries and calendars but the falling rate of the pound has caused prices of materials produced overseas to inflate, forcing Dodo Pad and other many other UK companies to pay increasing amounts for their products.

Teddy Townsend, who recently joined Enveco, a UK manufacturing company, was prompted to respond after reading the story in one of our articles. He reached out to Dodopad’s Rebecca Jay, offering his assistance in bringing production of the stationery line to the UK. From material manufactured in the UK, Enveco have been supplying notebooks and pads in various customers designs, and are now diversifying into Stationery, Art and Manufacturing Craft products too. Teddy knows the importance of keeping business within the UK, and also the flexibility for smaller companies wanting to produce smaller runs of bespoke products, which is why he got in touch regarding Dodo Pad’s situation. Please watch this space for further developments.

This is a great example of the Giftware Association raising the concerns and issues of our members to a greater audience and in this case connecting two businesses that may have never before met were it not for the Giftware Association highlighting the story. If you have any issues or concerns that you would like to put towards or readership then please do get in touch at

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