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India - a promising alternative to diversify & scale your sourcing

The webinar will touch upon:

1. The benefits of sourcing from India: It’s production capabilities that extend into both handmade artisanal production and high-quality mechanized offerings. The substantial cost advantage that comes with it.


2. The ideal choice for sustainable consumption: India’s inherent wealth of natural materials like cotton, hemp, jute, marble, semi-precious stones etc, make it an apt sourcing destination for eco-friendly products. India also excels in sustainable artisanal techniques like handweaving, hand crochet, hand painting, and more, which are not only environment friendly but also employ minimal energy.


3. Navigating challenges: The primary concern for many is finding reliable and ethical vendors and manufacturers who can consistently deliver high-quality products that meet international standards, without resorting to shortcuts. Deliveries from India also need supervision and oversight, and communication barriers can often pose a challenge. From MOQ negotiations and pricing transparency to compliant packaging, ethical documentation management to safe door delivery, there are complexities that need to be addressed.


Aditi Pany, Founder and CEO

An MBA graduate from Stanford University, Aditi has close to a decade of experience in lifestyle retail across both brick and mortar and ecommerce, working with India's largest retailer. In her last stint, Aditi was the Chief Operating Officer of, a leading fashion ecommerce company in India. Previously, Aditi worked at Ashoka, a global non-profit that supports the world’s largest network of social entrepreneurs with innovative ideas to change their community. Aditi has also been a Board Member of RLHL which manages companies like Hamley’s in India.


India - a promising alternative to diversify & scale your sourcing

A growing emphasis on sustainable consumption has further contributed to India’s success story, one that is driven by its handmade artisanal techniques and a wealth of natural materials. Emerging as the fifth largest economy in the world in the last five years, India has been leading the way to becoming a powerhouse of global sourcing and investment opportunities. However, sourcing from India also comes with its share of challenges, especially for the uninitiated. From identifying reliable vendors to ensuring compliance with international standards, overcoming communication barriers to MOQs and pricing transparency, there are things that can go wrong along the way. This webinar aims to provide valuable insights on effectively navigating these challenges and ensuring successful sourcing from India.

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