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With many businesses on lockdown, more and more companies are encouraging their teams to work from home to ensure that they remain safe and that the business continues to operate as close to normal as possible. 

Although many people work from home in The UK, for many this will be the first time they are separated from their colleagues. 

Under usual circumstances, we would recommend that you create a clear remote working plan with training in advance, this has not been possible due to Covid - 19. 

Here are our tips to encourage your team remain productive despite the challenges they may face working on their own or with children off school for the foreseeable future.

  1. Delegate Outcomes and not Tasks

This is essential to ensure your team can manage their workload whilst working from home with considerably more distractions. Being crystal clear on the outcomes you expect and allowing them to choose the tasks that best achieve these means that they can be more creative and trust their judgement more than if they are provided with a list of set tasks that don’t contribute towards a certain business goal.

2. Agree on a productivity formula. 

Productivity is key when working from home and helping your team be as productive as possible is key. Something as simple as agreeing that you will focus on the three most essential tasks each day (to achieve the desired outcome) and agreeing to complete these tasks before doing anything else. Ask your team to check in with you once they have completed these tasks before they move onto anything else. 

3. Agree on regular daily check in.

Not only will this help combat social isolation when working from home but it means you can provide the support needed by your team. You decide how many check ins your team members need each day - what matters is that they are regular and predictable.

4. Agree on communication channels and how your team will receive the information and support  they need. 

When you are used to being in the same room with your team, it can be difficult to then be unable to communicate effectively between team members. Software such as trello, slack and microsoft teams enables teams to see what their colleagues are working on and to share information effectively. 

Zoom is a fantastic tool for video conferencing that makes you feel like you are all in the same room. 

5. Maintain the social element of working together

Before your morning video conference call, spend a few minutes asking your team about how they are and listening to them. They will inevitably miss the chat with their co workers over their morning coffee and this is a fantastic way of ensuring they feel taken care of. 

6.  Logistics: Broadband matters

Ensure that your team have strong enough broadband to work from home and at the speed you desire. Do you have enough laptops for every staff member or will they need to use their own? What security implications are there? Are you adhering to GDPR regulations? Ensure your team have what they need to effectively work from home. 

7. Provide the emotional support your team need

We are entering unchartered territories and your team will be fearful for a number fo reasons. It is essential that you listen to their concerns with empathy. 

8. Lead and don’t participate

Your team will look for you to set the standard for how they can handle this difficult situation. If you are worried, stressed and uncertain then this will trickle down to your team. It is important that you acknowledge the realities of the situation but also reinforce the assumption that you can deal with these turbulent times. 

and lastly

Allow us to support you! You r not in this alone and here at The GA we are committed to supporting you through this! Please do not hesitate to phone one of our team where we can offer the support you need!

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