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With competition growing rapidly and consumer habits changing in the jewellery industry, as well as the whole of the home and gift sector, many businesses are looking for their hidden strengths, along with their obvious creativity to promote themselves. Many realise there is a strong moral case to try and have a beneficial impact on society, and sometimes it takes micro businesses and smaller companies like Agora Jewellery to lead the charge in setting an example in social responsibility and Fair Trade ethos.

I recently spoke to Adriana, founder and designer of Agora Jewellery, whose beautiful limited edition designs incorporate age-old techniques such as filigree that are all hand finished and additionally ensure that the production gives back to the community with Adriana stating “Agora Jewellery is fully committed to the ethos of Fair Trade. We are directly and proactively involved in helping our Latin American partners to fully implement Fair Trade standards throughout the supply chain. By buying a piece of Agora jewellery you will not only acquire a beautiful, unique piece of jewellery or keepsake, but you will also be improving the lives of these artisans".


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Fair Trade and Social responsibility can provide a competitive edge for smaller companies, such as Agora, as consumer choice increasingly takes ethical considerations into account. But that is not the only unique differentiator for Agora Jewellery.

Agora Jewellery incorporates all of Adriana’s experience and intricate and unique designs. She has a background in jewellery design and  wants to give something back to her native Colombia as well as empowering women with her designs. Having set up Agora Jewellery Adriana started designing and producing her pieces in small runs and if they are popular she increases their range.  Designed in the UK by Adriana herself, they are then sent overseas to be made using the specific regional skills from South America. Adriana explains “Filigree is an ancient jewellery-making technique originating from Spain and Italy. It arrived in Colombia during the period of Spanish colonisation in the early 16th century, when Spanish jewellers taught the indigenous Colombians this special craft.  The intricate process involves hand threading delicate threads of silver in endless circles, which can then be adorned with semi-precious jewellery the work is very intensive and precise.”

Adriana finds her inspiration from the fashion trends across Europe, researching at trade shows and fashion-forward events, and makes her pieces in gold, silver and rose gold with pieces typically taking a month to produce from inspiration and design creation through to the finished product being in your hand, which shows the dedication, passion and sheer hard work by Agora Jewellery.

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When it comes to marketing, Agora jewellery sells predominantly through their website, affiliates and small boutiques, with Adriana’s personalised approach involving visiting boutiques and shops and showcasing her jewellery so it can be seen and felt so the buyers can see the quality of the product.  Adriana says “In a changing world of buying habits, more competition and where people are happy to buy online without seeing the actual pieces of jewellery, it’s become harder to get product to market”.  It’s clear from her passion and innovative designs that she means business and the goals for the future feature a bricks and mortar store and focusing on the whole customer experience. She truly believes personalisation is key in our industry with the next generations valuing experiences more and the passion behind the product.

Adriana is very proactive on social platforms to promote her products and has had great success on Instagram and Facebook by targeting fashion bloggers, key social influencers and women in business. She has also been featured in Tatler magazine, Bridesmaid’s magazine and more. Though, through all this success to date there come further challenges, with buyers being more discerning, an increase in competition, with a focus on core values of personalisation, a unique product and exclusivity Adriana is confident that, through continued hard work and passion for her product, this success will continue.  Agora Jewellery will take part at SCOOP International Fashion show presenting the new collections. –  Saatchi Gallery Chelsea London Sunday July 22nd – Tuesday 24th 2018.



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