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Looking after your health and well-being is very important at this difficult time to protect your physical and mental health. Many people have reduced exercise levels because they are missing their daily commute, their gym, their sports clubs,  exercise classes and other group activities. Even if you are confined to home,  there is a lot that you can do to stay active. Reducing physical activity to low levels can cause stiffness and aches and pains. 

  • If you are working from home make sure that you get up from your computer every hour to stretch and move.
  • Getting out and enjoying the fresh spring air is a great way to improve wellbeing and get exercise whether that is gardening, playing with the children, going for a walk, jog or cycle. Just remember to stay a distance from other people of at least 2 metres. - 
  • If you normally go to a sports club, gym or class keeping in touch with your social contacts is really important. Even though gyms and clubs can no longer meet, many are setting up virtual sessions to stay connected and exercise together. If your club is slow off the mark and you are tech savvy why not suggest setting something up?
  • Singing and dancing have a great feel good factor and are good exercise too, so dance along to some of your old favourites or try something new.
  • Dust off those old exercise DVDs and workout videos, or check online for some new exercise routines, many streaming services have them available, resources are being developed for schools and various fitness experts are running sessions. For some family fun try or for some yoga
  • Join your friends for a virtual exercise or dance session via the internet.
  • If you have aches and pains look on

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