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Sarah Ward will once again be attending the Bank of England Genesis Initiative meeting in her capacity as the CEO for The Giftware Association, The JDA  and The BTAA on the 22nd of September and we want your views to be present to the committee.

Sarah has attended the last six years of The Genesis Initiative meetings which have discussed the threats and opportunities to SMEs in the ever-changing socio-political climate, Especially now with the cost of living rising rapidly, the war in Europe and the after-effects of the pandemic.

Please complete the short questionnaire below to enable Sarah to take your views and opinions to the committee. It gives the Home and Giftware industry a chance to air their views on relevant topics such as Brexit, importing and exporting, the coronavirus outbreak and much more.


There are 5.7m SMEs in the UK which account for over 99% of private-sector firms and 60% of total UK private sector employment. SMEs also account for 73% of all net private-sector job creation in the UK, creating about 2m jobs since 2010. With these SMEs essentially being the backbone of industry in the UK, discussions at the meeting will focus a lot on Brexit and what will happen next and how can an SME prepare. 


Sarah will share the results with The Genesis Initiative and The GA will share them amongst our wider audience too.

Thank you 

The Giftware Association Team

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