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Since January 2021, the UK has a new Free Trade Agreement with Japan, the world’s third largest economy, opening even more opportunities for UK companies to forge partnerships and generate new business.

Marking this exciting new chapter in trading relations between the UK and Japan, the Department for International Trade (DIT) has announced a series of business focused UK-Japan Trade Missions, to be run over the Spring and The Giftware Association members are invited to take part.

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Taran Sahota, International Services Manager for British Jewellery & Giftware International said,

“This is a great opportunity for many businesses to gain an insight into the Japanese market and understand how it can benefit their company. The launch event will be a useful learning experience including what support and networking activities are available. “

“We’re finding increasing numbers of BATF members seeking international support from the division, especially with the challenges presented from Brexit, but it’s important to note that our support extends beyond EU relations and policies, it also includes new opportunities in many overseas markets such as what is presented here.”

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On the 2nd of March 2021, the Minister for Exports, Graham Stuart, will launch the ‘Partnering with Japan – Spring ’21 Free Trade Agreement Series’. The 90-minute launch event will not only provide expert insight into the Japanese market and how the Free Trade Agreement can benefit business, but participants will be able to develop their knowledge on how to succeed in the Japanese market with the Export Academy and Export to Japan. 

An extract from the seminar invitation stated that,

“This free event will include sessions with the Minister, experts in Japan and leading figures from UK companies. And this is only the beginning, throughout this three-month Spring mission series, a wide variety of events will be on offer; from webinars and business-to-business roundtables to Q&A sessions – with sector, regional and investment events all taking place. “

The spring mission series have been specifically designed to inspire and support companies to export with Japan. In the coming days and weeks DIT’s event calendar will be updated with the events taking place as part of this exciting and ambitious series – in the meantime members are encouraged to check regularly to see what is on offer.

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