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Employing Disabled People - Reasonable Adjustments

We will take you through the relevant definitions as outlined in the Equality Act 2010
and give examples of the different types of reasonable adjustments that can be made.

Reasonable adjustments applies to new hires, but also to existing employees that
develop an illness or disability. By not carrying out these adjustments you are at risk of
an employee tribunal, but most importantly you could be missing out on the skills and
input of an excellent employee.

At the end of the document we have a list of resources and further reading. We also have
multiple documents in our resource library with further information on employing
disabled people.


Employing Disabled People - Reasonable Adjustments

By law as an employer you must consider reasonable adjustments to ensure a disabled
employee is not disadvantaged in their role. It can be easy to get concerned that this
becomes a big overhead, but we hope this document sets your mind at ease and shows
that many adjustments have a minimal cost attached to them and can make a big
difference to your employees productivity and wellbeing.

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