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Behind the books - why we're embracing the mushrooms trend

What was the inspiration behind this new collection?

We became aware that mushrooms were a leading trend in interiors and fashion and were quickly being picked up more broadly in other areas. We wanted to bring together some related titles in one place for customers, so they could easily find something relevant, whether they were adopting the theme fully for a range or simply wanted to acknowledge the trend with one or two items.  

What were you looking for from the books and products you selected?

It’s important to say that this collection is broader than mushrooms. We brought in themes that complemented this trend aesthetically, looking at anything woodland-inspired or autumnal. This collection speaks to current goblincore or cottagecore trends – anything that is about cosiness and nature. It’s a vibe.

What are some of your favourite books from this collection and why?

We love the Nathalie Lete jigsaw puzzles, Fall Foxes and Mushrooms. They’re very popular and have beautiful illustrations. They tie nicely into wider woodland themes, perfect for autumn. But I also love Katherine May’s Enchantment: Reawakening Wonder in An Exhausted Age, which isn’t actually mushroom related but it has the most gorgeous jacket design with beautiful colours, and Katherine May’s previous book Wintering sold really, really well for our customers. It also ties in with the theme of nature writing, which we know is popular. It’s an example of how this range can be used to bring different ideas together.

What types of products will this range complement?

This year, I’ve seen lots of mushroom trend pieces in interiors, for example lighting. But any products made of natural materials can complement this theme work, such as wooden homewares or rustic fabrics. It’s genuinely quite broad, and I think it could work with so many product ranges.

What kind of retail settings would this collection work in?

I know a lot of gift and interiors customers are finding success with this theme at the moment, but it also works well for heritage retailers because of that connection to outdoors and nature.

And finally, what are your visual merchandising tips for this collection?

Whether you’re drawing a couple of pieces from the collection or more, just look at them together as a set. They don’t have to match too much, and it doesn’t matter if you’re mixing illustration with photographic, but it is important to pay attention to colour. When selecting books from the collection, try to make sure that the jacket colours complement each other or pick out shades from another product in your store. It’s looking at things as a whole that’s important.  

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