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Blaise International Introduces Kleine Wolke's Trendsetting Bathroom Accessories to the UK

Blaise International Introduces Kleine Wolke's Trendsetting Bathroom Accessories to the UK


Blaise International is proud to announce the highly anticipated launch of Kleine Wolke, a renowned European brand with a rich heritage in producing high-quality bathroom textiles since 1968. Emerging from the esteemed Bremer Tauwerk-Fabrik, founded in 1793, Kleine Wolke has become synonymous with luxurious and practical bathroom solutions. In a strategic move for 2024, Blaise International is relaunching the Kleine Wolke brand in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.

Kleine Wolke stands as one of Europe's premier designers and manufacturers of stylish bathroom accessories. Their extensive product range includes bath rugs, shower curtains, safety mats, tumblers, soap dishes, soap dispensers, and cosmetic mirrors, all available in a plethora of colours and styles to cater to diverse bathroom décors.

Each year, the talented design team at Kleine Wolke evaluates their product offerings, drawing inspiration from contemporary trends in nature, technology, automotive, clothing, and home furnishings. This process results in the creation of unique Design Worlds for the following year, empowering consumers to effortlessly coordinate a complete bathroom look with their accessories.


Kleine Wolke takes pride in offering the most comprehensive selection of fashionable bathroom accessories, which are updated annually to align with the latest trends in various industries. What sets them apart is their commitment to sustainability through their unique Eco Collection, utilising sustainable and recycled materials.


Bertrand Pichon, Head of International Sales at Kleine Wolke, expressed his enthusiasm for the brand's return to the UK and Irish markets in collaboration with Blaise International. He acknowledged Simon Wigglesworth (Commercial Director) and Mark Hewitt (National Sales Manager) as pivotal partners in this endeavour.


The brand's debut at Spring Fair 2024 marks a momentous occasion for Kleine Wolke, reflecting their dedication to meeting the evolving needs of consumers and retailers in the region. As pioneers in home textiles and home decoration, Kleine Wolke aims to introduce a wide array of coordinated bath accessories, bath rugs, shower curtains, and more, all under a unique retail POS implementation.


Pichon remarked, "We are truly convinced that our innovative concept is a testament to our dedication to anticipating and meeting the evolving needs of our consumers, specifically in the UK/Ireland. As such, a concept not seen before! The best example is our Eco Collection, represented by various product categories and a large choice


of products, which can be implemented on one unique, tailored, POS solution. Please visit us and you are welcome to embark on this exciting journey; introducing Kleine Wolke to the UK market and setting a new standard for fashionable UK Bathrooms!"


Mark Hewitt, National Sales Manager, also expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "This is now the largest range of trendy bathroom accessories available in the UK and Ireland. Initial customer feedback has been that the products are different and really stand out. Not only do the products look and feel great, but they are manufactured to last a very long time too. The large design team in Germany produces unique yearly Design World collections, which allows consumers to easily colour coordinate bath rugs, soap dispensers & dishes, tumblers, shower curtains, and more. I am excited about launching such a diverse and fun range at Spring Fair and look forward to a very busy year ahead. Buyers are looking for newness, so this range is well worth a look."


Discover Kleine Wolke UK at the International Spring Fair from 4th – 7th February in Hall 8 E70-F71.


For more information about Kleine Wolke UK and their fashionable bathroom accessories, please visit




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