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Blast Off for History Heroes’ new Science Museum Licensed games

Blast Off for History Heroes’ new Science Museum Licensed games:


3-2-1…blast off: History Heroes is proud to launch their first, brand new Science Museum licensed card games: SPACE and LONDON. Both SPACE and LONDON are games that encourage all from 8 – 80+ to play together and learn more about their respective themes. Like all other award-winning History Heroes games, these new games include 40 of the greatest characters in history in each theme on fantastically illustrated cards. The aim of the games is to try and win the cards by guessing who the characters are from the facts read out from the cards. Players can play the games as a gentle voyage of discovery or a viciously competitive game by choosing easy, hard or quirky facts from each card.

In this era of renewed fascination and ever-increasing hunger for space exploration, History Heroes’ SPACE game gives a fantastic overview of 40 characters and objects that have made space exploration possible. It looks at the scientists, who developed our understanding of our Universe from Aristotle to Einstein. It includes novelists, such as HG Wells and Jules Vernes, who both foretold so much of our world, and who inspired the Space engineers to dream. Characters, such as JFK, Walt Disney and Elon Musk have helped push the dream. And key in the game too, are the objects and characters, such as Sputnik 1, Katherine Johnson, Neil Armstrong, Laika and Tim Peake, who have actually made Space exploration happen.

History Heroes’ LONDON game contains 40 of the greatest characters in the capital’s impressive history. People that built, and in some cases, destroyed London play a major role in the game. The Romans, Christopher Wren and Richard Rogers sit alongside well-known faces, who helped London become a cultural capital too. Shakespeare rubs shoulders with Laurence Olivier, Vivienne Westwood and Mo Farah.

These two huge themes – LONDON and SPACE – appealed to both History Heroes and the Science Museum as a great way of launching this new series of History Heroes games, licensed by the Museum. It was fantastic for History Heroes to be able to tap into the vast reservoirs of the Science Museum’s knowledge and information about SPACE and SPACE exploration. The Science Museum’s commitment to inspiring everyone to enjoy and engage with STEM subjects helped shape the LONDON game too. As History Heroes’ Alexandra Ehrmann explains, “The topic of London is so huge that we could have gone in many different directions with the game. Creating this game as a Science Museum licensed game gave us an extra rigour to be relevant to their values too. Concentrating on the people who helped make and shape London has given the game a great focus, especially as that same narrative demands including characters, who have helped shape the city culturally too. As a born and bred Londoner, I can’t help but find the LONDON game deeply cool!”

History Heroes’ new games launch on 3rd September. LONDON and SPACE will join the 9 existing History Heroes games as perfect, pocket-sized…and stocking-filler size games for all ages to play together and learn along the way!

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