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Defra have engaged with Industry, Trade Associations and Compliance Scheme Groups at several events throughout 2022, however, for many attendees this forum was the first contact they have had with Defra on the Collections and Packaging Reforms programme.

Defra are committed to scheduling future forums and events to encourage further engagement and support business readiness. These will be published in the newsletter, which you should be able to subscribe at

Agenda items at the first forum included:

Obligation Checker - To assist you in understanding whether your business is obligated under Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), Defra have developed an online Obligation Checker. This interactive tool will help assess whether you meet the thresholds set.

Further information and related FAQs can be found here

Visioning Sprints - A 6–8-week programme involving over 80 organisations to consider the long-term vision of waste reforms. 

The first session scheduled for 26 January 2023 brought together representatives to input into the vision from trade associations, producers and businesses, Local Authorities, waste management groups, compliance schemes, material facilities and green groups.

The objectives for the visioning sprints include

·        A shared vision: where we want to be with EPR in 10 years' time 

·        A strategic roadmap: a UK-wide industry and government agreed view of how the benefits will be realised over time 

·        Opportunity mapping: Identify the EPR vision features and capabilities, potential challenges and setbacks and agree strategies to overcome 

·        Outcome roadmap: an agreed high-level strategy for achievable outcomes

·        Partnership delivery: It is essential to ensure everyone can input into the vision for EPR, outcomes can be jointly shared and delivered in collaboration, this is central to the principles of the wider reforms

Outputs from the visioning sprint sessions will be shared at future Business Readiness Forums. The next update will take place on Tuesday 7 February 2023.


Over 30 questions were received at the forum and you can find the answers at the links below.  

·      FAQs from recent sessions which include responses to some questions raised

·        Responses to the new questions raised at the Business Readiness Forum on 10 February 


Business Readiness Forum and Webinar Details

Following engagement with industry, Defra have identified several key areas of interest where we think it would be helpful to host themed sessions. 

Defra have scheduled a series of sessions which will provide you with more in-depth guidance and will be led by their policy specialists.


·        Household and Non-Household Packaging Waste                                              Thursday 2 February -  2.30pm – 4.00pm - Join here

·        Definitions and Data Reporting                                                                                Wednesday 15 February -  10am – 11.30am - Join here

·        Nation Data and Sales                                                                                          Thursday 23 February -  10am – 11.30am - Join here

You do not need to register for the above webinars. Please save the details (including links) into your calendar and join on the day. 

Business Readiness Forum 

The Business Readiness Forum for industry and businesses will be held every fortnight. Please find joining instructions below.

·        Tuesday 7 February - 10am - 11.30am - Join here                                                    Agenda to include - CPR - Visioning Sprints, EPR - binned waste 

·        Tuesday 21 February - 10am - 11.30am - Join here                                                  Agenda to be confirmed  

·        Tuesday 7 March - 10am - 11.30am - Join here                                                  Agenda to be confirmed  

You do not need to register for the above Business Readiness Forums. Please save the details (including links) into your calendar and join on the day. 

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