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The Recycled Candle Company is urging people not to throwaway used candles from the festive season but to recycle them instead.

With many people in the process of taking down decorationsand returning their homes to a pre-Christmas state, it’s a good time toremember that used candles can be recycled rather than added to landfill.

Candles are very popular during the festivities, gracingtables, sideboards, fireplaces and shelves around the home. But once they reachthe end of their useful life, they are usually put into the bin.

The Recycled Candle Company will take used candles – including tealights with metal sustainers, pillars and candles in glass containers – remove the wax and melt it down to reuse as new candles or, in the case of lower grade wax, firelighters.

Candlemaker Richard Hills-Ingyon said: “Essentially, we takeany kind of candle wax, in any form, fragrance or colour.

“Most people bring their used candles into the shop in GandyStreet, but they can be posted to us too. In the case of very large numbers ofcandles, we can usually arrange collection.”

Anyone donating old candles will be given a monetary credittowards their next purchase from The Recycled Candle Company.

“We’re calling this our Christmas #candleamnesty!”

Drop off or post candles to: The Recycled Candle Company, 16Gandy Street, Exeter EX4 3LS.

The Recycled CandleCompany

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