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FairFX are one of the UK's leading foreign exchange providers and can provide your business with a wealth of experience and expertise to circumnavigate the foreign exchange markets. So whether you're importing or exporting get in touch with the dedicated Giftware Association account manager, Niall Walsh, to discuss how you could start getting more for your currency.

Benefits working with FairFX can bring;

  • Better exchange rates, save anywhere north of 2% on your transfers over banks and other providers
  • Zero handling charges, an additional £20-25 saving
  • Higher level of service, personal account manager and dealer will ensure risk is mitigated and try to increase the opportunity to take advantage of any upswings in the market
  • Fast, efficient and secure transfers
  • Same day USD, GBP and Chinese Renminbi payments

About FairFX;

Contact Details

Niall Walsh

T: +44-20-7778-7519



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