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Soapourific Products is a small business, located in the coastal town of Bridlington, East Yorkshire. It was founded in 2007 by Amy Gower. After recovering from a life-threatening illness and, with a desire to ‘get her life back’ she attended an ‘Encouraging Entrepreneurs’ Day’ at her local Business Centre which culminated in reaching my goal and ultimately creating Soapourific Products.

Handmade soap and associated accessories were sold at Craft Fairs and via rented shelf space in retail outlets.  Later, the recession had an adverse effect on these outlets and Amy, rendering the thought of expansion an undesirable risk. She then took the decision to cease soap making in preference to ‘buying in’.

Over time the company has evolved and it became clear that there was a need to consider other options such as selling online and to embrace Social Media. To this end Amy invested in a Content Managed, Mobile Friendly website hosting package as well as personal input in attending and/or online study in Search Engine Optimisation. Selling at a distance does not exclude being customer focused, approachable and the best that Soapourific can be. It was also necessary to look at Guilds or Associations. I opted for joining the Giftware Association. “I am sure many small businesses like mine juggle with an array of scenarios and can sometimes experience a feeling of isolation. It is here that the Giftware Association comes into its own.  As a relatively new member I have been impressed with the friendly, encouraging, informative response for assistance as well as promotional opportunities”.

Handmade soap has not been side-lined by any means. By harnessing previous experience as an ITEC Accredited Aromatherapist and teacher of the subject including Anatomy & Physiology at an Adult & Further Education College, is enabling Amy to go down the SLS & Paraben Free route as far as soaps are concerned. Some of these soaps will contain essential oils and, with a clear understanding of their properties, they have been carefully selected.  Here, an exciting new Own Label project is nearing completion.

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In the meantime:

This month has been busy behind the scenes and now culminates in the introduction of two new items which will feature in the Artisan Products category and will be available online from the 4th August 2017.


These are trendy fashion accessories in the form of multi-functional Lapel Pins for Ladies and Stick Pins (Boutonniere, Buttonholes) for Gents.

Made individually for the fashion conscious looking for something a little different.

The pins are silver plated and have an end protector. A handknitted wavy edged flower head made from a non-tarnishing metallized yarn forms the detachable outer section whilst the centrepiece is set with a round coloured stone.

Additionally, ladies can change the mood by referring to the symbolic meanings of each stone which appears in the Product Information tab on the website.

Colour combinations are:

Red Flower/Black Onyx, White Flower/Rose Quartz, Black Flower/Carnelian, Silver Grey Flower/Fluorite,  White Flower/Blue/Green Paua Shell,  Gold coloured Flower/Tiger’s Eye

Great for creating a ‘presence’ and topic of conversation at formal and informal social events. For the more flamboyant – add an element of quirkiness by attaching the pin to a hat or cap.

** Not suited for pinning to delicate fabrics.

How will you wear yours?  I would love to know.


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