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Inspiring Launches coming from Clockwork Soldier

Clockwork Solider, the multi-award-winning company behind inspiring card and paper activity kits for children (and adults), will captivate minds again this autumn, with the launch of more than a dozen new products at Autumn Fair. 

The kits span everything from the natural world to mystical creatures, magic to dream jobs. 

Aspiring firefighters can build their own fire engine, with moving wheels, extending ladder and opening doors.  Of course, being a Clockwork Solider Kit, kids can also learn all about what it’s like to be a fire fighter in the fact-packed activity sheet. 

Clockwork Soldier is developing their award-winning ‘Create Your Own’ kits in this latest product launch.  From bumble bees with fun and interactive ‘wobbly wings’ to an amazing desk top stag beetle that needs no glue of scissors to make.  The kit also comes with a beetle grub game, beetle jokes and facts, hours of fun and education for all. 

Kids can personalise their rooms with two incredible ‘hang on the wall’ heads.  The first is an Extraordinary Elephant.  As well as creating the magnificent head, they will learn about their new friends’ incredible abilities and the habitats they call home.  The second is a very pretty mythical unicorn, part of the redesigned unicorn range which also includes unicorn puppets and unicorn masks with 3D horns.  

Back in the natural world, why not try your hand at Giant Animal Origami.  Six oversized wonderful animals, perfect for anyone of any age.  The easy-to-follow instruction booklet tells children exactly how to fold the paper into shape, enabling them to create something really impressive for their room. 

If you love bees (let me hear you say …save the bees!) then you can build your own beehive game.  Play dominos in three dimensions and build a beautiful beehive sculpture. 

Nature has never been so important and the next generation is more invested that ever before, so we’re certain that every kid is going to want the Animal Kingdom Giant Map.  They can become a wildlife explorer and discover the amazing animals that call earth home.  Create 3D habitats and use the compass to follow the incredible migration routes.  Packed full of activities and beautiful illustrations – this is a great Christmas Gift. 

And who doesn’t love a bit of magic at Christmas?  If so, then Clockwork Solider has the perfect trick up its sleeve, no matter what your age!  The Chopping Chamber, The Pendulum of Power and The Human Pincushion.  Just the name of these packs fires the imagination and conjure up curiosity. 

Make and perform these tricks and leave your friends amazed and baffled!  You’ll also learn the psychology behind magic but make sure you don’t share the secrets! 

Speaking about the new product launches, founder Rob Dakin, says, “This has been an incredibly busy time for us, and we are really proud of the new product development we can now bring to market. Each product really embodies our commitment to creative, sustainable play for children (and adults!). We can’t wait to see how people respond when we launch ay the Autumn Fair.” 

You’ll be able to see the products at Autumn Fair  



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