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Gibsons Autumn Release Line Up

In a world where digital distractions seem to be pulling us apart, Gibsons, a family-owned company, stands firm in their commitment to bring people together, through their exquisite jigsaw puzzles and design-led games. With a strong focus on sustainability and fostering lasting relationships with suppliers and consumers, Gibsons continues to make a significant impact in the gaming industry.

This autumn, Gibsons proudly unveils a captivating lineup of jigsaw puzzles designed to delight puzzle enthusiasts of all levels, crafted by renowned artists like Kevin Walsh, Steve Crisp and Greg Giordano.

The new collection also features beloved licensed classics, Paddington and Care Bears, adding a touch of nostalgia and warmth to the puzzle experience. Embark on a heartwarming journey through cherished memories of generations past with these iconic licenses in 1000 piece puzzles.

As part of their commitment to creativity and innovation, Gibsons has collaborated with The Art File to produce breathtaking 1000-piece portrait jigsaws crafted by talented artists and designers. The awe-inspiring nature landscapes and habitats featured in these puzzles are sure to transport puzzle enthusiasts to new worlds of wonder.

For collectors seeking something truly special, Gibsons introduces their latest limited-edition offering, Christmas Spirit. This is the 21st limited edition Christmas puzzle produced by Gibsons, and features luxurious gold foiling on the box, including a unique serial numbered certificate.

But the excitement doesn't end there! Gibsons is expanding its range of games as well. Enter Fast Track, the thrilling card game recently added to the TfL lineup. Designed for ages 5+ and accommodating up to 8 players, this game promises 15 minutes of fast-paced fun and strategic gameplay. Players attempt to match famous London landmarks, iconic icons, and tube lines as they race to reach their destination first. Fast Track joins the growing TfL range alongside Race the Rails, Connecting London, and the updated version of Mind the Gap, now featuring the Elizabeth line.

Gibsons concept of ‘from our family to yours’ ensures all products spark creativity and the imagination, forging lasting connections among families and friends. With their unparalleled range of jigsaw puzzles and innovative games, Gibsons continues to provide customers with the ultimate puzzle experience, ensuring that cherished memories are created with every piece put together and every game played.

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