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Company Name: Spice Kitchen

 Product: Indian Spice Tin & Silk Sari Giftwrap

Howhas winning the awards affected sales of the product and your business?

The awards have had a massive impact on ourbusiness. As the awards were during Spring Fair, we received a number of peoplecongratulate us on winning and also stockists seek us our who were meetingwinners. Since then the award has really helped us gain recognition andcredibility amongst retailers and also cemented our product amongst giftwareand food gifting in particular.

Have you got any success stories from when the awards were announced at Spring Fair until now?

We simply had a super Spring Fair. It was ourfirst time exhibiting at the show and with the Gift of the Year win, we had abrilliant show overall. We secured lots of orders at the show itself but alsolots after in 2018 and through to this year.

Whathave you learnt from entering the competition?

To be honest we never expected to beshortlisted, let alone win. We seemed to be the smallest company in thecategory by a long way with lots of other more established companies who hadsold  a lot more of their products. Wealso are a very handmade product, and we thought this may count against ushowever it seemed to be a key reason the judges loved it so much. So it showedus David can really take on Goliath at times, and that the gifting industrylove our product as much as we do.

Willyou be entering the awards again?

We will certainly be entering again in the future when we have a new product worthy of entering!

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