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GOVERNMENT UPDATES: Northern Ireland Protocol; Customs and Borders, Import duty on some US origin goods

GOVERNMENT UPDATES: Northern Ireland Protocol; Customs and Borders, Import duty on some US origin goods

Northern Ireland Protocol

Northern Ireland Protocol: the UK’s solution: The UK government sets out issues caused by the Protocol, and outlines solutions so that Northern Ireland can move forward, while protecting UK and EU markets.

Northern Ireland Protocol Bill: UK government legal position: The Foreign Secretary has outlined the government’s plans for primary legislation to address elements of the Northern Ireland Protocol (the ‘Protocol’).

Government introduces bill to fix the Northern Ireland Protocol: The legislation introduced on 13 June aims to fix parts of the Northern Ireland Protocol, to restore stability and protect the Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement.
Customs and Borders
HMRC draft impact assessment for the customs safety and security procedures regulations 2022: Initial assessment of the impact of removing safety and security declaration requirements for exported empty units and outbound inter-port transhipments.
The Customs (Miscellaneous Amendments) Regulations 2022: This tax information and impact note is about new simplified rules for customs transit arrangements and declarations of imported goods under a free zone.

Reference document for Temporary Admission: eligible goods and conditions for relief: Updated with: ‘Temporary Admission: Eligible Goods and Conditions for Relief (version 4.1), dated 1st June 2022’.

Maps of Plymouth and South Devon Freeport tax sites: These maps show the Freeport tax sites within Plymouth and South Devon Freeport.

Check what you need to consider before getting someone to deal with customs for you: Find what you or your business may need before you hire someone to act directly or indirectly on your behalf.
Import Duty on some US origin goods
Reference Documents for The Customs (Import Duty Variation) Regulations 2021: Effective 1 June 2022, the additional tariffs, applied on certain goods originating from the United States of America, are now suspended.


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