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Hi! We’re CREOATE, a wholesale marketplace where independent retailers source wholesale directly from independent brands of all shapes and sizes.


Who buys and sells through CREOATE?

There’s a really broad range of brands who sell through CREOATE. Some are individual makers and artists looking to take their first steps into wholesale in a gentle, risk-free way. Some are more established; they’re already stocked in retail stores and looking to expand their stockist list, or break into new markets. Many fall somewhere in the middle.

The retailers buying from CREOATE are a mixture of independent brick and mortar and ecommerce stores based across the UK, wider Europe, and the USA.


How long have you been trading and what is the history of the company?

CREOATE started life as a retail store in Covent Garden. The first-hand experience of running a shop taught founders Ashley and Fahad how hard both retailers and product businesses have it; how hard it is to buy the right stock, in the right amounts as a retailer, and how hit and miss trade shows can be for the brands they were stocking. They set out to build a platform that made buying stock for your shop as easy as buying something for yourself, and the CREOATE of today was born.


Who can sell on CREOATE?

To be able to sell on CREOATE, you need to have at least five distinct products, a business email domain, and to be offering sufficient margin on your products (~40% or more). And that’s about it! 

There’s no fee to join, and no ongoing fees — we only take commission from new orders you make through our platform. Find out more here.


What’s coming this year?

This year we’re focusing on cutting down the time it takes to get your products live by making it easier to sync across from platforms like Shopify, and offering dedicated support with catalogue uploading. 

We’re also opening out our financial service, Grow with CREOATE, to more brands. Grow with CREOATE gives sellers a flexible way to access finance to grow their business — whatever that looks like for them. 


Another thing Ashley and Fahad learned when running their own retail business is that banks just don’t understand retail, and move way too slowly to really help independent businesses. So this was something they always wanted to bake into the CREOATE platform, and we’re excited to help many more businesses grow this year. 


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