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INVITATION - Webinar on ECHA draft Guidance on "articles in prolonged skin contact" - nickel restriction




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Nickel Institute webinar on ECHA draft Guidance on "articles in prolonged skin contact" - nickel restriction

March 29, 2017

15:30-17:00 CET

-  Background information about nickel, nickel allergic contact dermatitis, and the EU restriction on nickel release (REACH Regulation, Annex XVII, Entry 27);

-  Explanation of issues at stake and potential implications of the ECHA draft Guidance;

-  Nickel Institute’s position on the ECHA draft list of articles and next steps.


29 March 2017

15:30-17:00 CET

Practical details on how to join the webinar as well as further background documents, will be circulated prior to the webinar to registered participants. Registrants are invited to submit their questions and comments before the webinar at

The webinar is addressed to industry associations and stakeholders.


The draft ECHA Guidance is available and open for comments on the ECHA website until 19 April.

The matter is important as the draft ECHA Guidance and the list of articles may be relevant for your sector and value chain and the issue can have potential access to the market implications for the articles covered in the ECHA list.


1. Welcome and Introduction

2. Background information

3. ECHA draft Guidelines on articles intended to come in direct and prolonged contact

4. The views of the Nickel Institute

5. Q&A: Discussion of pre-submitted questions and comments

6 .Conclusions and path forward

Download the agenda

In 2014 the European Commission mandated ECHA to provide further guidance on the application of the EU nickel restriction and the interpretation of “prolonged skin contact". This includes the development of a non-exhaustive list of articles to be considered as falling in the scope of the restriction.

The list of articles is available for public consultation on the ECHA website.

Download the Nickel Institute background paper


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