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Please see the below and attached updates from late last week and yesterday.

Customs and VAT

Help and support for UK transition - A YouTube video about ‘trader responsibilities when using an intermediary’ has been added.
List of customs agents and fast parcel operators The list of customs agents and the list of fast parcel operators have been updated.
Value Added Tax EU Exit Transitional Provisions Guidance has been updated at section 6 Financial Services and includes a link to the new detailed guidance Transitional guidance for VAT specified supplies.

Northern Ireland

Sending parcels to and from Northern Ireland. Find out how to move goods, in parcels or large letters, between Great Britain and Northern Ireland using the Royal Mail Group or an express carrier

Apply for authorisation for the UK Trader Scheme if you bring goods into Northern Ireland: Information about authorisation requirements has been updated.
Check if you can declare goods you bring into Northern Ireland not ‘at risk’ of moving to the EU: Information about making a declaration based on expected outcomes has been added. Further information about rules of origin requirements and preferential rates when bringing goods into Northern Ireland has also been added.

Rest of World trade

UK trade agreements with non-EU countries: Updated to reflect the entry into effect of the Ghana-UK EPA.
Trading with developing nations: Guidance added for GSP goods entering the UK from a customs warehouse in an EU member state and GSP goods sent to an EU member state from a customs warehouse in the UK. Additional links added for notices in relation to the trade preference scheme regulations.

Of wider interest:

Local government and the EU: Guidance to help local councils adapt to new rules after Brexit.
Understanding the statistical implications of coronavirus (Covid-19) and EU Exit on the compilation of UK Trade statistics: How the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and the end of the EU Exit transition period impacted on the compilation of UK trade.

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