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I hope that you and your business are starting to find your feet in this new trading environment we find ourselves in. As individuals, much has changed for us in almost all aspects of our lives, and the same is of course true for consumers.

We always keep a close eye on emerging trends, so we can make sure we have selected the best possible books on these areas, ready to share with our customers.

Ultimately, we know this is what drives sales for retailers – offering consumers attractive and appropriate books that reflect and enhance their own experiences or help them discover new ones.

What are the embryonic trends we are seeing emerge post-lockdown?

  • Kindness and positivity – whether that’s rainbows in the windows, or self-care and wellbeing, what was quite a popular trend over the past few years has really taken off. After all, the past few months have been hard for everyone, we all benefit from being kinder to ourselves and each other
  • Inspirational lives – given the feeling many people have that the world is lacking global political leadership, it’s no surprise that we look to important figures from history and present day who have made the world a better place. We think this is set to continue for some time, and books are the best way to tell these stories.
  • Our own personal, and local, spaces – by this we mean our homes, our gardens and our local green spaces and countryside. We’ve all been confined to our homes and gardens (for those of us fortunate enough to have them), and many of us have spent more time exploring our local areas by foot or by bike. Books on how to make your house a nicer place to be, to cook in, and guides on walking and cycling locally have all proved popular. Even as we see restrictions lifted on travel, we expect a focus to remain on improving our experience of our homes and local communities.

These are just a few trends we’re seeing evolving. I hope that these suggestions have sparked some ideas for what you might offer in your shops. As always, our account managers are available to have a video or phone chat with you and work on bespoke ranges to help you get the right range of books. – 0131 467 8100 – or live chat at []

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