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Giftware Association members have alerted us to a potential fraud. The attempted fraudsters called at a busy period on a Friday afternoon and attempted to order stock and pay for it instantly over multiple credit cards and collect on the same day, creating an urgency to the company involved. See below for a timeline and details to look out for regarding the fraud

  • Lady named Julie called to place an urgent order for collection on the same day
  • A company name was not given and the company approached had not ever met/spoke with the member company before
  • The value of the order was approx. £8,000 and Julie was happy to pay the full amount with no interest in discount or trade price
  • A charity event was mentioned and a wedding for what the products will be used for.
  • Julie paid the bill over the phone with three different credit cards (which had gone through)
  • The company approached instructed for no goods to leave the premises until further information was obtained

The period of the day just before weekend shut down was key to the fraudsters forcing this order through and taking advantage of the rushed nature of the call.

We are pleased to report that this was just an attempted fraud as the company realised just in time before any goods left the premises. Please be vigilant and warn anyone in the home and gift industry that fraudsters are still out there attempting to take advantage of our members.

The Giftware Association Team

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