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Spring Fair, the UK's most diverse, vibrant, and exciting wholesale marketplace for home, gift, fashion, and sourcing, taking place from 6th – 9th February 2022 at NEC Birmingham, has revealed that its manifesto for 2022 is Empowering Change. The manifesto will set the agenda for the live show’s Inspiring Retail Stage as well as a year-round content programme.

Outlining the Empowering Change manifesto, Suzanne Ellingham, Head of Content, Hyve Group plc says; “Retail is in a state of incredible transformation. Technology enables customers to shop anywhere, any time, and in any way that they want. The competitive landscape has changed, and even online retailers are now facing increasing costs and hostile marketing conditions. In a time when staying the same means you are moving backwards, expecting different results from the same tactics doesn’t make sense. I am really excited about this year’s Empowering Change editorial theme. The schedule will be packed full of incredible speakers and participants, helpful and inspiring insights, newness as well as the essential trends for 2022 and beyond.”

Created as a platform to champion retail, the Inspiring Retail Stage’s full schedule of live content from experts in their field will provided exclusive insights, trend reports, keynote conversations, and panel discussions on the key topics facing retail. Each of the four days of the show will cover a dedicated theme correlated to the Empowering Change manifesto.

Sunday 6th February: Future of retail is collaborative

At a time of incredible change, we are seeing more and more examples of highstreets and retailer groups working together to entice people back onto the high street, to improve the shopper experience, and to support each other. Pre-Covid everyone was competition, now the competition are online giants who can race to the bottom on price and deliver tomorrow. Has UK retail realised that there is enough room for everyone in the high street and by working together as retailers, retail districts, and local authorities, can they recreate the magic of the high street and connect even more with their local community? Is the future of retail success collaboration?

Monday 7th February: Sustainability and Innovation now

Consumers have never cared more about where their products come from, what they are made from, who makes them and what makes you different as a retailer or brand. What are your values, do you live them, and can you prove that? This day is all about retailers and global organisations sharing their journey, both the highs and the lows with each session packed with practical take away’s to give you the confidence to continue to do things differently because it’s the right thing to do, and how you let your customers know that so that they know you are who you say you are.

Tuesday 8th February: Changing mindsets – being comfortable with the unknown in order to thrive

For many of us change is difficult and a step into the unknown. For those who own businesses it can also be a leap of faith and stressful. In the current business environment asking ourselves (and the people around us) to change the way that they think and do things is incredibly difficult. But it is necessary to change when retail is transforming more each year than in the last 5 or 10. Today’s schedule is packed full of insight into how to change mindsets in order to thrive, how to build that culture within your business and learn from other business leaders as they share how they have navigated unprecedented change in order to grow. Each session is insightful, practical and geared towards helping give retailers the tools to succeed in an ever-changing world.

Wednesday 9th February: The way we do things

Often change isn’t overhauling your business but taking small steps towards a better future. During the final day, Spring Fair collaborates with its wellbeing and charity partner The Retail Trust to deliver a host of meaningful and useful business workshops and tools to help guide us towards better business.

The full Inspiring Retail Stage line-up will be announced in the next few weeks. For further information please visit

For further press information or images contact Philippa Suitters at Good Results. Email: Tel: 07866362980

About Spring Fair

Spring Fair is the UK’s most vibrant marketplace for wholesale home, gift and fashion. As the definitive "shop for shops", it supports the retail industry like no other. The live event is held at the NEC Birmingham in February across four days and is designed around four key buying destinations - Home, Gift, Fashion, and Design & Source.

Spring Fair is where bestsellers are found, relationships are forged, and curiosity is piqued. Imagine a treasure trove of new ideas and new trends just waiting to be discovered and displayed in your shop or showroom. If you want to touch, feel and experience what's new and innovative across the home, gift and fashion retail industry - Spring Fair is the marketplace for you.

The depth of product and trend inspiration available at the show provides the opportunity to make unexpected discoveries. New brands, new launches, new products. The power in diversification is something that can only be explored at Spring Fair, helping to offer customers something different, and stand out from the crowd.

Spring Fair doesn’t just showcase the newest products on the market, it curates an unmissable event where inspiration, creativity and insights are always on tap. With the show designed around the 4 key buying destinations – Home, Gift, Moda Fashion and Design & Source – it offers an experience that guides product discovery like no other. Four days, four buying destinations, for all your wholesale needs.

Located in the centre of the UK at the NEC in Birmingham, Spring Fair is easily accessible for UK and International retailers (be it independent, multiple or online, designers, contractors and suppliers) to meet every February, at the very start of the buying season. Together with a comprehensive line up of exciting exhibitors you want to see, expect a vibrant hub where not only ideas flourish but community, connection and collaboration thrives.

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