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Wheelie Klips are proud to announce that their Klip ‘n’ Fresh product was nominated for a new product award recently at Glee. The Glee New Product Showcase 2019 award was organised and run by Garden Trade News.  Selected from hundreds of entries showcased at Glee NEC Birmingham (10th – 12th September), the winning products were chosen by an expert panel of judges, representing independent and multiple retailers and international suppliers.  

Wheelie Klips was pleased that the main product in its rangehad been recognised in this way. Director Mike Deacon said “It was really pleasing to talk to people atGlee who had come to our stand having spotted our Klip ‘n’ Fresh product on theNew Product Award showcase stand.”

Sustainability andthe Environment:

Mike also said “We wanted to assure people who purchase ourproducts that they are supporting and using an environmentally friendlysolution to keeping their wheelie bin clean. Our clip products and spray bottle are made from recyclable plastic; allour blister packaging is also recyclable; our bin liner products are made fromre-cycled grade plastic materials.”

Using Wheelie Klips liners and throwing householder rubbish directly into the wheelie bin, as opposed to using liners from a kitchen environment, such as under sink rubbish bin liners, would involve over 52% less plastic going into landfill in respect to keeping your wheelie bin clean.  Thus, not only do you save money by not buying kitchen bin liners or paying for jet washing but you will also be supporting the environment.  Not having to jet wash using water to clean bins the carbon footprint of the use of Wheelie Klips products is better.

Our Spray Fragrance:

Mike Deacon went on to say “We are really pleased to reportthat the fragrance in our Klip ‘n’ Fresh and Klip ‘n’ Spray products isscientifically proven to reduce the possibility of fly infestation which leadsto maggots in your bin.”  “Based on thiswe know anyone who uses our fragrance will be pleased with its lemon, zestysmell and its ability to stop maggots appearing in the bin by helping to deterflies from entering the bin in the first place.”

Working with WheelieKlips Limited:

Wheelie Klips is looking for companies to stock and sell itsproduct range so if you are interested in working with us please contact us on01536 710733 or


Wheelie Klips Limited is a family run company which has beendeveloping product ranges over the last two years. These products are designedand manufactured in the UK with a new concept in wheelie bin management andcare being at the forefront of designs process.

A range of plastic clips have been designed to be used inconjunction with a plastic bin liner on 120 litre, 180 litre and 240 litreWheelie Bins, and if preferred, with a bottle of fragrance that can be sprayedinto the wheelie bin of household waste. 

Wheelie Klips offers an alternative solution to that ofusing a jet wash to clean wheelie bins and enables users to keep their binsfresher, cleaner and better, whilst saving money.

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