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Please see the below from our HR Guru Karen Kirby on the ending of furlough...

Just a reminder that the CJRS (furlough) ends on 30 September 2021, so all back to normal on 1st October. Really? Perhaps not. It should be but you and I know it will not be pre-COVID normal.

If you still have employees on furlough, you should already be talking to them about what their return will look like and writing to them to formally say that furlough is ending.

What does their return look like? What do you need to be talking to them about?

  • What date will they return?
  • How do they feel about coming back full time?
  • Do they feel mentally and physically able?
  • Do you need to consider a phased return?
  • Do they have care responsibilities? And how might this impact their return?
  • What is their holiday situation? How will you and they manage this for the remainder of the holiday year? what will you do about self-isolation due to travel?
  • What risk assessments have you done with regards to their workplace?
  • Do they need refresher training?
  • Has the nature of their job changed? If so, what’s the impact of this?
  • Are considering a hybrid type of working? Do they want a hybrid type of working?
  • Can you insist on your team being vaccinated? Are you testing?

Unfortunately, COVID has not gone away. We still need to take precautions and people will still be worried. Returning to work is not necessarily returning to normality. Your obligations as an employer are not ended. They never do!

As always – communication is the answer. Know what you can and can’t do. Know what you want to do and how you will support your team members to achieve this.

Any questions – just ask.

I have not heard too many negative stories from my clients and many have been recruiting and their businesses growing, which is good news. But I am not naïve enough to think all is hunky dory out there, and my job is to be here to help you find the best solution for those unsettling moments. 

To get in touch with Karen you can visit here site here or call her on 07817 278 659

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