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A common question we get asked is, “where do I start?”. So, we’ve put together this guide for your first order with us!

First and foremost, everything you order is ordered as a single item so you can order exactly what you’d like and just as many as you would like. You won't get left with any colours that don't sell, and we have interchangeable packaging for our hanging items so that if you are left with a small number of any items that aren't selling due to their inferred sentiment—we can get this changed for you to something more suited to your customers. For example, we can change a birthstone into a friendship ball simple by swapping the tag and label!

For gift shops we recommend starting with our birthstones—we sell a Birthstone Collection Pack of 2 x each month plus 2 FREE, to get you started. Another consistent seller is our range of friendship hearts, particularly the 8cm size in the pastel colours—but it's always best to choose the colours that you think would best suit your customers.

Following from this, our range of milestone birthday gifts as well as engagement and wedding gifts are always strong sellers for us. We find anything that solves a gifting problem works well!

Our bird feeders are especially popular across all ranges of stores, and have been sold globally – so these are well worth a look!

For coastal stores we do have a stunning range of seaside plaques available.

And for homeware stores we recommend our tableware and aromatherapy gifts.

This is only our recommendation; you know your customers best!

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