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Please see below relevant updates published today for your business/members and supply chains:

Tariffs and movement of goods

Suspensions or reductions from Customs Duty for UK Trade Tariff from 1 January 2021: Find out about UK Trade Tariff temporary suspension or reduction of Customs Duty from 1 January 2021.

Trading with the UK: exporting animals and animal products to the UK: Guidance for trading partners that want to apply to or are currently approved to export animals and animal products into the UK



Non-EU trade

Agreement on trade in goods between Iceland, Norway and the UK: Added the latest advice to businesses on trading with Iceland and Norway from 1 January 2021, the latest parliamentary report and the treaty document.


Continuing the UK's trade relationship with Singapore: parliamentary report: The government’s approach to maintaining continuity in the trade relationship between the UK and Singapore from 1 January 2021.?


Summary of the UK-Singapore Agreement: Information on the trade agreement with Singapore, replicating the effects of the EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement.

Trade remedies transition policy: Updated the section on recent updates to measures being maintained or terminated.

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