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Making Waves: My Unforgettable Journey as Part of the British Delegation at Gran Canaria Swim Week 2023

Making Waves: My Unforgettable Journey as Part of the British Delegation at Gran Canaria Swim Week 2023


A Splash of Excitement

Imagine being whisked away to the sunny shores of Gran Canaria, a place where fashion meets the sea in the most glamorous way possible. This year, I had the incredible opportunity to attend the renowned Gran Canaria Swim Week by Moda Cálida as part of the British Delegation. From the moment I received that exclusive invitation, my heart raced with anticipation. Here’s an inside look at my unforgettable journey into the world of swimwear, style, and sustainable fashion.

The Alluring Gran Canaria Swim Week Venue

Gran Canaria Swim Week, also known as Moda Calida, began its illustrious journey in 1996 to showcase the exceptional talent of Gran Canarian designers. It has now evolved into the premier European event for swimwear, setting the stage for the latest trends and innovations in the world of beach fashion. This year, the extravaganza unfolded from the 4th to the 8th of October at the ExpoMeloneras convention centre in the south of the island.

To add a dash of tropical glamour to the whole experience, we, the guests of the British Delegation, were comfortably lodged at the Hotel Lopesan Baobab Resort. The beauty of this arrangement was that it came with flights and transfers, making the event just a five-minute walk from our abode. Now, that’s what I call convenience.

An Exclusive Invite to the British Delegation

The exciting journey began when Emily Heap from ‘In Front of‘ extended an exclusive invitation. This invitation was part of a collaborative effort to promote established and emerging swimwear designers and strengthen trade connections within the UK. This remarkable opportunity was made possible thanks to a strategic partnership with The Government of The Canary Islands and the proud support of prestigious names such as Mercedes-Benz and GHD. I fully appreciated the significance of this invitation as I eagerly prepared for this unforgettable adventure.


The Stars of the Show: Emerging Talents and Established Brands

With 33 designers and brands participating, the diversity and quality of swimwear on display was nothing short of breathtaking. Ten of these hailed from the Canary Islands, eight from Gran Canaria, and two from La Palma. The event also played host to five designers from the mainland and eleven from countries including Italy, France, the United Kingdom, and Israel. The star power was further amplified by the presence of esteemed figures like Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada, Dolores Cortés, and Aurelia Gil.

Sustainable and Trendy: The Heart of Gran Canaria Swim Week

One of the most exciting aspects of this event was the unwavering commitment to sustainability, quality, and trendy design. This wasn’t just another fashion show; it was a platform for brands to showcase collections that met the highest standards of sustainability, something that’s increasingly important in today’s fashion world. Young and vibrant audiences with a keen eye for fashion flocked to the event, knowing they’d be treated to not only style but also substance.

A Grateful Farewell to Gran Canaria Swim Week

Gran Canaria Swim Week by Moda Cálida is more than just a fashion event; it celebrates creativity, sustainability, and the art of swimwear. My trip to the Canary Islands for this event was an unforgettable experience, and I can’t wait to see how this spectacular showcase continues to influence the world of fashion. If you ever get to attend this iconic event, grab it with both hands – you’re in for a fashionable adventure you’ll cherish forever.

So, until next year, when the sun shines on Gran Canaria once more and the world of swimwear fashion once again takes centre stage, I’ll cherish the memories and the inspiration I’ve gathered. Thank you, Gran Canaria Swim Week, for a transformative and thrilling experience!

Stay tuned for more fashion adventures, trends, and stories. And don’t forget to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments – let’s keep the fashion conversation flowing!


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