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The companies you are looking for, automatically, all over the world

Matchplat makes B2B market analysis accessible to all companies, regardless their sector and size.

This is possible thanks to Explore, the SaaS platform combining a global database of companies with Artificial Intelligence algorithms. The solutions developed by Matchplat cross-reference institutional sources and websites to offer always up-to-date information about over 400 million enterprises all over the world.

In this way, businesses can search for and identify new B2B clients, suppliers, distributors and competitors, automatically and with the greatest precision. Procurement specialists, account executives, marketing and project managers: every professional can use Explore to find potential partners consistent with their strategy.

The use of AI algorithms optimizes the workflow in terms of time and money, enabling a real-time analysis of companies’ online contents according to customer’s needs.

Founded in Bergamo in 2017, Matchplat has now grown in an international reality with more than 300 customers, 50 employees and 2 foreign commercial branches in UK and Germany.

The goal of the company guided by the CEO Andrea Gilberti is to bring B2B market analysis into all European SMEs, making this tool available to them in a fast-changing scenario.

Indeed, knowing where your potential business partners are located and who they are is crucial to stay ahead of the curve, making business thrive even in challenging times. 


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