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As the trusted fashion destination within Spring Fair, Moda is now one of the UK’s longest-standing fashion trade shows. With its next edition only a couple of weeks away, Moda has revealed its fashion forecast for 2024.


With more than 200 exhibitors in the fashion sector showcasing their diverse product range to over 35,000 buyers across all sectors, Spring Fair’s Moda destination, from 4th – 7th February 2024, is set to continue its legacy at the trusted fashion destination for all fashion buyers. Made up of three key sectors; Clothing & Footwear, Fashion Accessories, and Jewellery & Watch, Moda offers a front row seat to the latest trends, new designers and must-have looks that will adorn the season. The next show presents a fresh edit and hundreds of new season looks.


Discover new collections from Jayley, Lighthouse Clothing, Peace of Mind (POM), Saloos, Luella, Soya Concept, Goose Island, Marsylka, Jessica Graaf, Powder Design, Breuning, Lesley Donn, Hanron, London Pearl, Deil Joseph, Big Metal, Spoke 925, Gecko, DNX, Envy, Soruka, Fonem, My Doris, Lisa Angel, Aurosmith, Amanda Karen Jewellery, Gold Trip, Virchoo, Miss Sparrow, JK Henderson, Alice Wheeler, Rock Luggage, Prime Hide, EarthSquared, Islander UK, Das Impex, Luggage Club, Ashwood Leather, and many more.


Soraya Gadelrab, Event Director, Spring Fair says, “The world of fashion is a dynamic and ever-changing landscape, and for businesses in this sector, understanding the market and staying attuned to consumer trends are vital for success. As the world embraces a new era, defined by diverse fashion influences, shifting values, and technological advancements, the coming years hold a promise of continuous growth and innovation. With more than 200 exhibitors showcasing their diverse product range to over 35,000 buyers across all sectors Spring Fair’s fashion destination, Moda is set to continue its legacy as the trusted destination for fashion buyers this coming season. Visit Moda and shape the future of fashion.”


Moda Fashion Forecast 2024


Spotlighting the Clothing & Footwear Market

The global apparel market is predicted to show continuous growth in the upcoming years. Research by GlobalData predicts that even though there’s a growing interest in streetwear and sportwear, the growth of the menswear apparel and  womenswear will continue generating higher revenue than menswear and childrenswear combined. As consumers return to the office, greater numbers of brands are moving into new categories as they focus on creating collections that straddle career clothing and comfort.


Keeping up with the latest consumer trends is a non-negotiable aspect of success in the clothing sector. According to McKinsey, in 2024 consumers will show a shift in values. This includes increased travel which will influence shopping priorities, and an interest in creative influencers.


It’s no surprise that people will continue prioritising sustainability, pushing the industry towards eco-friendly practices. Brands who choose to incorporate ethical and environmentally conscious processes into their production will see heightened consumer favour.


As we evolve into the era of fast-paced technology, brands can expect consumers to seek innovative products like smart clothing and wearables, blending functionality with style. The year 2024 will be an era of uniqueness, as people seek personalised and unique clothing items that reflect their individuality. Brands offering customisable options or limited-edition releases cater to this desire for personal expression.


Buyers attending Moda will discover exhibitors such as Goose Island, Jessica Graaf and Saloos showcasing their on-trend products for the next season. Excitingly, new brands, such as Lona Scott and EMU Australia will also make their debut, promising an innovative product range mirroring the current fashion and consumer trends.


Look out for the bold brights from Jayley, and new collections from Amazing Woman, Beau Moda Collections, Cottonreal, Decollage, Luella Fashion, Marsylka, Sunco Knitwear, Paradiso Couture, Paramount Knitwear, Perfection Clothing, Fabuline, SoyaConcept, Ubigroup, Vijay Fashion, and many more.


Accessories Market

The global accessories market stands out as a beacon of rapid evolution, mirroring ever-changing consumer preferences. This flourishing market has become one of the fastest-growing segments in the past year.  Beyond the large demand for accessories, today's consumers seek on-trend, distinctive pieces that not only complement their style but also redefine their entire outfits. In this fast-paced environment it remains vital for fashion accessories brands to stay innovative and continuously keep up with the newest fashion trends to succeed within the sector.


Ever-changing consumer trends have helped to grow the global fashion accessories market, making it one of the fastest growing segments. As stated by Statista, the demand for these products is thriving in countries such as the United Kingdom, France and the United States. The contemporary consumer is not just looking for accessories; they’re seeking on-trend, unique pieces that define their style and elevate their outfits.


In anticipation for the upcoming season, there is a notable change in what consumers are looking for. According to WGSN, the modern consumer, is in search of accessories that not only elevate style but also offer practicality and enduring value. Due to the cost-of-living crisis, the trend of gifting accessories has gained prominence. In response, brands are pivoting away from holiday-specific items, focusing instead on designing durable products suitable for a wide range of occasions throughout the year. Versatility is emerging as a key criterion, with consumers looking for designs that can be worn for seasons to come.


Addressing the growing demand for sustainability, forward-thinking companies are incorporating responsible materials such as ethical leather, plant-based alternatives, repurposed denim, and recycled metals into their seasonless accessory designs. This eco-conscious approach not only aligns with consumer values but also underscores the industry's commitment to a more sustainable future.


Moda will welcome numerous coveted accessories brands with diverse and versatile product ranges including handbags, purses, luggage, hair accessories, scarves, hats, and statement pieces. Esteemed brands like BasketBasket, known for their commitment to sustainability, will be returning alongside others such as EarthSquared and Joya Socks. New brands, such as DScarf and Felir Design from Africa, will also make their debut, promising an engaging and innovative exhibition that mirrors the dynamic shifts in consumer preferences and industry trends.


Look out for Ashwood Leather, Powder, My Doris, Miss Shorthair, Miss Milly, Zelly, Colvin International, Eyelevel Sunglasses, LuggageLocker, Nova Leather, POM (Peace of Mind), G H Stafford & Son, W Brown International, Henderson, Miss Sparrow, Pure Fashions, Redcuckoo, and Earth Squared. Make a beeline for Alice Wheeler London, a collection of beautifully designed fashion & beauty accessories, incorporating cool colourways reflecting seasonal trends, with the finest quality materials and designs inspired by Alice’s creativity and her love for fabulous finds all inspired from her many travels. A wide array of luggage and bag brands will also present their new collections including Rock Luggage, W Brown, Jazzibags, Woodbridge Bags, Troop London, Luggagelocker, as well as newcomers Luggage Club and Rocklands London.


The Jewellery Market

Jewellery is one of the most ancient forms of self-expression, worn by people for thousands of years. According to Statista, Jewellery & Watch is one of the sectors generating the largest amount of revenue among the Accessories market and is predicted to continue its growth at a steady pace.


Consumer trends within this dynamic market reveal a fascinating narrative. Gold, with its timeless allure, experiences an unprecedented rise in demand, reaching levels not seen in a decade. As brands navigate the intricacies of consumer preferences, for example necklaces and earrings will be the most desired categories in 2024 as stated by WGSN, strategically aligning their jewellery mix and capitalising on burgeoning trends becomes more important than ever.


Due to a move towards conscious consumerism and versatility, people are looking for Jewellery & Watch pieces that can be worn to various occasions.  As the industry pivots away from fast fashion and mass consumption, longevity becomes more important than ever. With minimalism leading the way we can expect a sharper focus on classic and timeless pieces.


Moda welcomes a host of exciting Jewellery & Watch brands, both returning and new. Exhibitors such as Jess and Lou will return alongside Jackie Brazil and Alexander Thurlow, showcasing their exquisite products for the next season. Discover newness from debut brands such as Aurosmith and Amanda Karen Jewellery, promising an innovative product range.


Spring Fair is proud to continue its partnership with the National Association of Jewellers (NAJ) this season and will showcase many of their members such as Hanron Jewellery, Kali Ma Designs, Leslie Donn, Midhaven, Gecko, Reeves & Reeves, Lido Pearls, Silver Jewellery Cavern Wholesale, Quaystones, Brave Designs, Linda Macdonald Jewellery, Morrish, Siren Silver, and Scream Pretty.


Buyers will also discover the new collections from Carrie Elspeth, LMJ Imports, BKT (Rings), Perfection Jewellery, Walid Hassas Diamond, Eton Watches, LBJ Jewellery, Big Metal, Clementine Jewellery, Gracee Jewellery, Jambo Jewellery, Amber Hall Jewellery, Annabella Moore Ltd, Bluelily925silver, Breuning GmbH, Cavendish French, Deil Joseph, Gist Jewellery, Gold Trip, Hazel Atkinson Jewellery, Herbert Marx, Lakshya Gems, London Pearl, Paradise Jewellery, Schmuck Silver, Sea Gems, Spoke 925, The Old Farmhouse Jewellery, Kurate International, Vurchoo, packaging brand Panache, many more names.


Inspiring Retail Stage

To provide the most fashion forward experience, Spring Fair will host several Catwalk shows at the Inspiring Retail Stage in Moda - Hall 2. On the first day the catwalk shows will be held at 11:30 AM, 1:30 PM and 3:30 PM. These vibrant fashion showcases, promise to inspire everyone with a glimpse of the coming season's newest collections, helping you to stay ahead of the curve.


On the first day of Spring Fair, at the Masterclass Studio (Beauty & Wellbeing - Hall 3) 1:00 PM, Nicole Higgins, a distinguished industry veteran and former buyer for George at ASDA, Primark, and Marks & Spencer, will conduct “A Strategic Buying Masterclass.” Where fashion buyers can unlock secrets of successful retail buying as Nicole shares invaluable insights garnered from her extensive experience.

British fashion and textile designer and pioneer Dame Zandra Rhodes will take to the Inspiring Retail Stage in Hall 2 at 12:30 pm on Wednesday 7th for a fireside chat with retail analyst Natalie Berg, exploring her remarkable journey in design, leadership, and innovation.


Integrating Moda into Spring Fair and Autumn Fair has created a compelling and unmissable opportunity for buyers to access the latest ranges, trends and innovations; not just in fashion, but across the entire lifestyle spectrum.

Spring Fair welcomes buyers from across the world from every corner of retail including large retailers like Tesco, Amazon, TJX, Oliver Bonus, Boots, John Lewis plus eCommerce only and independent stores across all retail and fashion sectors. Visitors will have the unparalleled opportunity to explore, interact with, and immerse themselves in thousands of the latest products across Home, Gift, Moda and Everyday.


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Spring Fair

4th – 7th February 2024

NEC Birmingham


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