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New service provider: County Collections

Meet our newest Service Provider  'County Collections Limited' who recognise very few borrowers aim to fall into debt. At County Collections Limited they recognise this reality and work to ensure that monies are collected in a sensitive, compliant and timely manner.

How much have you thrown away in Court fees and costs recently?

What can County Collections Limited do for you?

Are you ready to try a virtually free debt collection service? The fee is added to the debtor’s liability.

County Collections Limited offer ‘No win, no fee, win, still no fee’ debt recovery service.

They write demanding payments of not only your debt, but for your entitlement, where applicable, to interest and damages.

They send when necessary, a series of letters, make several phone calls and send texts which can encourage a realistic payment plan, that County Collections Limited would manage, acceptable to any clients. They charge just £5.00 plus vat for all this effort if recovery isn’t made.

Debts up to six years old can be revisited if formal insolvency hasn’t taken place.

If you require it, they can advise with the issue of Court procedure. Give them a call, and ask to speak to Richard Goodman to see what they can do for you on 0121 655 0472 or  0330 055 3791.

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