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Warning - some adult language in this episode! Disclaimer - we've 'beeped' the most naughty words, but this may not be the episode for young ones!

If you're anything like me, the above sentence has probably piqued your interest, and rightfully so! Our guest this week, in their own words, is 'smutty soap' designer and manufacturer Go La La!

Having previously focussed on their two card businesses (one rude cards, one not), husband and wife team Laura and John decided that 2020 was the year to expand into a new product category - hand washing was all the rage and everyone needed a little lift, so their smutty soaps range was born!

Just a few months later they're winning first the Novelty Gift of the Year award and then the Judges Choices award - the overall winner of the competition! Join us to hear all about their thrilling journey.

You can listen by searching for 'Gift of the Year' on any podcast service (Apple/Google/Amazon/Spotify etc.) or by heading to the podcast page on the Gift of the Year website!


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