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 Award winning artist Shelli Graham unveils her new range of greetings cards celebrating our ever-growing relationship with food and going back to basics with recipes using the card’s centrepieces whilst also addressing our one use consumer society creating a card that keeps on giving with more than one use.

Following on from her recent success of being shortlisted for Gift of the Year 2018 with her Fairy-tale Alphabet Cards, her new series, all beautifully hand drawn and designed by Shelli herself, feature  an illustration of a fruit or vegetable starting with the same letter, and possess a culinary bonus, they all feature a recipe using the featured fruit or veg,  expertly created by her brother who works as a chef in Cornwall. Recipes include everything from delicious onion bhajis to mouth-watering desserts like the carrot and almond cake and Honey and Orange baked nectarines.


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As well as creating a delightful hand drawn card, Shelli wanted to create a something that had more than its initial ‘single’ use, by featuring an exclusive recipe from her brother “Were living in a throwaway society, my goal is to design a greeting card that people want to keep. This is more than your average card, you are giving a gift of a recipe that can be made, enjoyed and shared with friends or family for a long time after”

Shelli’s degree in Fine Art and winning the PFK Top Design award for her final show and The Premium Art Brands Award have seen her in good stead when designing her cards, with illustrations born from her active imaginations and love of fantasy, fairy tales and mythology, the new range has a fairy tale feel which features in the majority of her previous work.


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Launched at this year Spring Fair, the tasty range has had interest from farms shops and garden centres with the range appealing to a wide range of gift buying demographic including foodies, gardeners, keen cooks and people who grow these fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. All cards are original illustrations created using watercolours and coloured pencils “I enjoy working with coloured pencils, water colours and ink, It’s no secret I love to draw animals so this is a change for me, but also promoting another interest of mine, which is food”

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