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Did you know that …..

  • The Benevolent Society is the registered charity of the British Allied Trades Federation (BATF). It is therefore your trade association’s charity.
  • If you are a member of the National Association of Jewellers, British Travelgoods and Accessories Association, The Giftware Association, the Jewellery Distributors’ Association, or the Surface Engineering Association this society works for you and those who currently work or have previously worked in these industry sectors.
  • We have been supporting members, employees, ex and future employees of the BATF industries for over forty years.
  • The Benevolent Society is a registered charity (no. 208722)

What do we do…..

  • We help by giving one-off grants for specific items and/or by giving quarterly grants to those who currently work or have previously worked in the industry sectors covered by BATF and who are facing financial hardship. 
  • We help by providing support for those who are studying to begin their career in the industry sectors covered by BATF.
  • We help with one of special industry wide needs, for example setting up the Covid fund
  • We undertake fund raising activities throughout the year to generate funds. We welcome fund raising ideas!
  • Our 2022 Ball will be held at the Grand Hotel Birmingham on December 8th - why not join us?

Over the past two years we have……

Paid out almost £150,000 and reacted to the best of our financial abilities when the trade needed us the most. This included:

£75,540 regular payments to 42 beneficiaries, £5,050 in one-off grants for items such as white goods, disability aids and essential home repairs, £22,500 Covid Hardship fund and £45,895 in bursaries to assist 20 individuals embark on or further their careers.

Want to know more, get help or get involved?

Check out our website at

Contact Laura Banner on 07985 611 209 or

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