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Starting a conversation about Climate Change & Social Value

Our business financial year runs to the end of January and at the end of every year we spend a creative day out of the office as a team to review the previous year and plan for the next.

This year's discussions were inspired by our friend and business consultant, Jason Roofe.  Jason is passionate about our planet and is acutely aware that most of us are living beyond the means of our planet.  Jason shared stories about how sustainability is key for us all and also on how businesses and organisations are starting to see both why, and how, they should be doing their part.

Our whole team were inspired and started a powerful conversation on what we can, and should, be doing to support the climate crisis we find ourselves in.

Our planning day has resulted in a clear document with 5 key strategic areas for 2023.  One of these is Sustainability which will form the foundation of our business going forward.  The FROM YOU TO ME team agreed that, as one company, we can't do everything, we can’t do nothing, but we can do something.

We are currently working on a document to share with everyone that spells out the approach we want to take, and how we will work with our team, our partners and our suppliers to work towards delivering our sustainability mission.

The whole nature of our FROM YOU TO ME products is one of sustainability as all our gifts are designed to be kept forever.  A precious journal containing family stories or a gift for the birth of a child are often the things people wish to keep safe.  This great feature is important, but is not enough in the whole sustainability journey.

We want to strive to reduce the impact of our footprint by improving all our business processes and practices. We will continue to rethink the design and specifications we use to produce, market and sell our products so that they are more sustainable.  And, whilst aiming to reduce our carbon emissions, we propose to pay for carbon equivalent to any of our emissions being captured through innovative UK nature-based projects which measure the carbon captured and also deliver positive social and environmental impact.

We will share our approach with you shortly and we are excited to work on this project for the benefit of our world.

We hope you are excited by this too.

Be curious. Be kind.


Managing Director & Founder

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