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As you know, we work closely with government departments to bring you new trade and business growth opportunities. Help to Grow: Digital is a government backed, UK-wide scheme that supports eligible SMEs to choose, buy and integrate software into their business.


Through the scheme you can access:

Funding to help buy new software. Receive a discount of up to 50% or £5,000 (excluding VAT) towards the cost of buying one approved software in the Help to Grow: Digital scheme.

Free, impartial advice and guidance


We are delighted to have you be one of the first to know about some key improvements we are set to make to the Help to Grow: Digital scheme, which will enable even more of our members to benefit from an even greater offer. 


Here is the latest government updates about the scheme:


From Monday 25th July, we will expand eligibility for the Help to Grow: Digital scheme so that more businesses are able to take part by reducing the minimum number of employees the business must have from 5 to 1. This will mean the number of businesses able to apply is almost tripling in size, with up to 1.2 million UK businesses being eligible to access discounts worth up to £5,000 on approved software.

2.    Alongside this, we will also launch our expanded offer, adding e-Commerce software to support businesses to sell online and reach new markets. This includes helping them to manage their inventory, take payments and gather data and insights on customers' needs. Businesses which adopt e-Commerce software see on average a 7.5% increase in employee sales over 3 years.  


3.    Furthermore, the Help to Grow: Digital scheme will also support one-to-one advice for small and medium-size businesses on digital tech adoption. We will open for applications for advice platforms to partner with us with the aim of the service being in place for SMEs later this year. 



We can’t stress enough how important it is to ensure your business is as digitally healthy as possible. This scheme is just one of many that is incredibly valuable in the opportunity it presents for digital growth.



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