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The Sarah Hurley Academy has LAUNCHED!


Here is what you need to know...

The first thing to do is join our mailing list which will get you access to everything first and keep you posted on all of the updates (we won't email you lots, promise!)

Secondly, click here join our Facebook group - Inside of the group we'll be hosting live chats, Q&A sessions and more. We'll also be telling you all about the programmes, membership and our free challenges to get you started!

and of course! sign up for Membership to become a fully fledged member of the Academy with access to our courses, private community, one on one mentoring sessions, free exclusive resources such as trend reports and contact calendars and MUCH MORE - this is currently at our best ever price while we tweak and finalise everything, it will never be lower so lock it in now! (your price will not increase during your consistent membership term, if you cancel and re-join later the new price will apply)

The Academy has lots of programmes and resources to help you achieve your version of success and we'll be telling you all about those and our membership inside of our Facebook group. BUT to give you a taster of what's to come we'll be hosting free challenges, focus groups and mentoring sessions inside the group.

Our first intake will be very VERY limited so that I can personally work closely with everyone and tweak and make sure everything is perfect before we grow. Because of this, our joining offers will be the lowest we will EVER offer as you'll be our trailblazers!

We have BIG plans for the year ahead, our programmes cover ALL of the business basics and take you right through starting, growing and scaling a business, working as a number 2 inside of a business and alongside an entrepreneur, developing your mindset for success, embracing change and all of our future endeavours launching later this year (which we've already started trialling!) including our mentoring and venture programmes. 

Again, if you're signed up, you get first access to everything including our trial programmes, resources, insider information and research, my personal experiences, my network of experts, all of my tips, tricks and secrets and basically anything that I can tip out of my brain and organise for you to create your own Success!

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