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As part of a newsustainable direction, The Somerset Toiletry Co. has introduced Breakdown Plastic™ (BDP)into its bestselling collection. BDP is a revolutionary ingredient added toplastic during manufacturing, to enhance biodegradation of the product afteruse (if not recycled).

The PlasticProblem

During the BBC series Blue Planet, Sir David Attenborough raised awareness of the devastating impact plastic is having on our oceans and wildlife. Since then, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation has estimated that by2050 plastic in the oceans will outweigh fish. Coupled with the knowledge that only a small proportion of plastic is currently recycled, packaging (particularly plastic) is a priority on The Somerset Toiletry Company’s new sustainability programme.

In terms ofpackaging, the company is committed to three key areas of focus:

  • Research
  • Reduce
  • Recycle

BreakdownPlastic™ (BPD)

Innovative BDP is an organicingredient for plastic that makes it irresistible to microbes. For example,should a plastic bottle not be recycled, microbes will consume it in alandfill, soil or the ocean within a few years rather than centuries, leavingonly natural remnants. BDP has been added to hand wash, body lotion &shower gel bottles (plus the cap) within the new Naturally European fragrance,Plum Violet. The company is committed to the use of BDP and/or othersustainable materials as and when they become available.

“We are on a path to ensure we become asenvironmentally sustainable as quickly as we can, as innovative new materialsemerge.”

Sakina Buoy, Chairman

The SomersetToiletry Co is renownedfor beautifully fragranced, yet affordable cruelty-free body care and homefragrance. Developing own-branded toiletries, as well as private label forleading retail groups, products are available from selected stores nationwideor online at  

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