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There is an increasing focus on mental health and general well-being in the workplace – in the media, on social media, from Government – and I have certainly seen an increase in questions from clients with regards to what to do with team members who report having mental health problems.

I’d like to be able to produce a generic policy to share, but a well-being policy needs to be personal to your business. I can help you produce one, but it will need to come from you – how you want to work and how you will implement the policy.

The purpose of this e-mail is to encourage you to think about what you can do to improve (or maintain) staff well-being. Below, are a number of links to organisations that provide workshops, webinars and information on mental health and products to support well-being. They are not necessarily my recommendations, and you may come across others through your own networks and research.

Start by looking at your COMMUNICATION strategies. Is there a facility for team members to talk to someone in the business about their concerns and worries? And if there is, why isn’t this being used – CULTURE – do they trust in the process, do they think they will be blamed, will they be held back or punished for opening up, will they be genuinely supported?

In developing a well-being policy, you should consider the 7 domains of well-being (CIPD Factsheet Well-being at Work April 2020)

  1. Health – physical, physical safety, mental
  2. Good work – environment, management, demands, autonomy, change, pay and reward
  3. Values/principles – leadership, ethics, standards, diversity
  4. Collective/social – employee voice, positive relationships
  5. Personal growth – development, emotional, learning, creativity
  6. Good lifestyle choices – physical activity, healthy eating
  7. Financial well-being – retirement, financial support

An e-mail isn’t the place to answer these questions or discuss the 7 domains, but I am happy to talk through what you need to do to spot the signs and possible actions to give support.

Useful links:
Communicate – have regular 1-2-1s (you know this is my soapbox). Bookboon have loads of great titles, including my two little books on doing regular reviews with staff:
Managing Team Members: The Good, the Bad and the Okay
The Performance Management Journey

Support around mental health – workshops, webinars, 1-2-1 support, mental health champions and MH first aiders:
Calm People – mostly around managing stress and anxiety
i-Act courses - awareness and MH first aid
Beacon Learning and Performance - champions and MH first aid
Headtorch - awareness, understanding and spotting signs

An assessment tool for determining how teams and individuals are feeling: My Internal World

pirkx is a benefits company (there are many) gives an example of for a few pounds per employee you can give them access to a counsellor and GP.

Keep well - physically and mentally

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