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Visual Merchandising - Psychology in physical retail

Join us on the journey as we discover the psychology behind physical retail

Modes of Decision Making and Building Loyalty                                                  

Touch and Purchasing Decisions                                                                             

Touch and Design of Retail Space                                                                            

The Power of Shapes                                                                                                   





Visual Merchandising - Psychology in physical retail

Visual Merchandising is a combination of art and science and is about appealing to all of our customer's senses (not just the visual that is suggested in the name!).

Much of our perception of the world around us comes from what we can see, but our other senses are also picking up ambient clues and influencing how we interpret what we are seeing. For example - If we are looking at a pile of rotting food, but all we can smell is beautiful flowers a dissonance is created and we are uncomfortable as we know what we expect to smell and that is not the current reality.

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