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Visual Merchandising - Understanding Colour

When you are designing windows or displays and are considering colours, the rule of 3 again comes into play. Designs look their best when primarily limited to 3 colours. Although you can use different values of those colours for variation and the odd highlight of other colours.


Colour Terminology                                                                                                                          

Colour Arrangements                                                                                                                       

Creating Depth and Emphasis                                                                                                       

Receding and Advancing                                                                                                                 

Emotional Responses to Colour                                                                                                     



Visual Merchandising - Understanding Colour

We are surrounded by colour and the psychology of colour is a fascinating topic (see another of our educational resources for more on this).

For this resource however we are focusing on the colour wheel and understanding colour schemes and receding and advancing colours, with a brief touch on the psychology of colours. Having a basic knowledge of how colours works together will assist you in creating displays that not only look good, but can also help you achieve your aims.


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