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‘Verdy, A Seed For Change In The City’ is a new children’s softback picture book published by FROM YOU TO ME, featuring a charming, whimsical character, Verdy, who serves to highlight the importance of nature and the power of communities coming together to create positive change. These are themes that are strongly supported by the gift publisher in their approach to sustainability in their business; “We can’t do everything, we can’t do nothing, but we can do something”.

A protector of the environment, Verdy lives in a tranquil woodland and is so in tune with nature that wherever he goes, flowers and leaves grow out of the end of the stalk on the top of his head. Sadly, one day his home is threatened, catapulting him into the hustle and bustle of city life. Scared and confused, he does his best to help the plants and animals there, but who will help him?

Written and beautifully illustrated by Joseph Witchall, the story of Verdy is aimed at 4 to 8 year olds, and is sure to engage both children and adults in a conversation about how individuals can all make a difference, and also inspire them to connect with nature, as well as with their local community. Children will adore Verdy and his ever-changing appearance.

Ultimately a story of hope, it shows the positive impact of people taking action together and links in perfectly with the FROM YOU TO ME strategy for reducing their carbon footprint and ensuring that sustainability is a key aspect of everything they do. You can read more on the FROM YOU TO ME blog.

With a retail price of £8, Verdy, A Seed For Change In The City is released on 18th April.

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About:  FROM YOU TO ME create beautiful, high quality and emotive gifts designed to help people reflect and feel closer to those who matter to them. These are gifts that feel good to give and even better to receive. In this hectic world, their products make it easy for families and friends to capture and share precious stories and memories, as well as create special moments together, not leaving things unsaid or letting them go undiscovered. Their gifts are for that special occasion and beyond, as they will be treasured for many years to come. Many can be personalised to create something unique and individual.


Further information: Susie Bell  +44 (0)7717 677459

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