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Join us on Thursday 24th September at 3 pm as we learn learn what your business can be doing to remain prepared during Covid-19 especially in the light of a potential second lockdown.

We are joined once again by Monica Price - HR, Health and Safety and well-being expert from Croner as she discusses the continuing impact of Covid-19 on businesses in the home and gift sector as well as the ongoing preparation that businesses need to take in terms of staff, storefronts and general business behavior.

In this webinar we will cover, but not limited to;

 •Redundancies - The pitfalls to avoid and about the process.

Policies - Do they align with COVID-19?

Job Retention Scheme - What does September bring?

Ensuring your COVID Secure

This webinar is even more important with the potential of a second lockdown happening again nationally.

These webinars are designed to future-proof your business in a post-Covid-19 world Each webinar will be followed by a Q&A session featuring Sarah Ward from The Giftware Association and Monica Price


Monica Price is a highly professional presenter with a wealth of experience across a number of industries including travel, IT, food & hospitality, training & consultancy and universities across the UK. As a health & safety and wellbeing expert / professional trainer & consultant of many years, Monica works with companies, both in the UK & worldwide, providing new and innovative training and consultancy in health & safety, food safety, nutrition, health & wellbeing and business management, ensuring due diligence and compliance of the law.
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